Exercise for Knee Joint Pain

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There can be various reasons for knee joint pain, so it's important to consult a doctor before attempting to exercise with knee joint pain. Find out why resistance is not good for knee pain with help from a professional trainer in this free video on exercise and fitness.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm CarolAnn with Studio F.I.T. of Tampa, and today I'm going to talk about exercise for knee joint pain. Now, when you have knee issues or you have a little bit of pain in your knee joints, it could be for a various, it could be for various reasons. You could have some inflammation in your joint, you may have a torn meniscus, it could be anything. So, first of all, you want to seek care your doctor's opinion about what's going on with your knee. And if he says it's okay, then here is a great exercise that you can perform. To strengthen the muscles around your knee joint. Now, if you've got pain, you don't want to put a lot of resistance on your knee. So, we don't want to increase that inflammation around the knee joint, if that is the case. So, if you've got tubing handy. What you want to do, is just bring our foot and place the tubing around the arch of your foot and then, separate the tubing, so that the knee doesn't get in the way or the tubing doesn't get in the way of the knee. So, you want to sit up nice and tall, pull your abdominal muscles in. And just simply bend the knee and then, extend. So, this is just one direction, just bringing in and out. And try to work on full range of motion. Now, if you've just had knee surgery, and you've been released by your doctor and you're doing some rehab exercises. This is a great exercise to perform, just to increase the range of motion through your knee. Now, another little variation to this, is to grab the tubing with both hands, here. And then,angle the knee out to the side and extend. And then, change the direction of that and extend. So, you're angling to the out, so you have external rotation. And then, angle in for internal rotation. Again, if you've got knee joint pain. We don't want to irritate that anymore than we have to. We just want to keep it nice and easy, light resistance, focusing on full range of motion. So that, once that knee is healed, then we can go back to our other forms of exercise. Another form of exercise that you can do, is in the water. Water walking is excellent for those knees, or even deep water jogging. So, if you've got an aqua jogger that you can wrap around your waist, it's a flotation device. Then, you can get into the deep water and do some jogging. And that will help to work those knee muscles or the joints around, or the muscles around the knee joint, to strengthen that. So, those are some ideas, some exercises that you can perform, if you have knee joint pain. I'm CarolAnn with Studio F.I.T. of Tampa.


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