Acupressure for Hot Flashes

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There are several acupressure points that will treat hot flashes, and one of them is located on the leg. Find out how to use acupressure points to treat hot flashes with help from a teacher, author and alchemist in this free video on acupressure treatments.

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Video Transcript

I'm Stasia Bliss and this is acupressure in hot flashes. There are several acupressure points you can use to help relieve hot flashes and one of them is one of the main pressure points of the body is located on the leg. So, it's on both legs. We're going to start with whichever side that you want and you find the spot just underneath the knee in going one hand's length down and then, just to the outside of the leg and the divot outside the bone. So, this is a little bit of a tricky spot to find, but, once you find it, it's really powerful for helping to balance the reproductive organs and it actually works as a pain relief center for the whole lower part of the body. So, from the lower abdomen down and so reproductive organs are included in this. I'm just going to give it a gentle stimulation once you find that sort of tender spot in about fifteen seconds rub and then, we're going to do it on the same, same thing other side. So again, just hand's length down and coming to the outside of the bone. You're going to go just a centimeter or two 'till you find that tender spot and then, just a gentle stimulation there. And that is the first point. The second point is at the very base of the skull at the medulla. So, you're just going to reach behind and find that tender spot right where the spine is touching the skull. And again, with just gentle pressure and rotation. This is helping to stimulate the pituitary gland and thereby, balancing the hormones. And then release. And the last one, you're just going to stimulate around the heart. In Chinese medicine you have the pericardium which helps balance the temperature in the body. So, you're just going to do gentle tapping right around the heart. Just using the fingers and not too hard to burst yourself, but just gently patting around the heart. You can do this again for about fifteen seconds. Nice deep breath and then relax.


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