How to Hold a Tennis Racket for a Backhand Grip

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To hold a tennis racket for a backhand grip, you'll use an Eastern grip. Discover how to hold a tennis racket for a backhand grip with help from a tennis instructor in this free video on tennis techniques.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Josh Muramoto. I'm a tennis instructor here in Salt Lake City, Utah, and today I'll show you how to hold a tennis racket using a backhand grip, and for that you will need a tennis racket, a tennis court and some tennis balls. For a backhand grip, we use what's called an eastern grip, and that just means that you use your, you line your first knuckle up onto this, onto this left side groove of your tennis grip if you are a right-handed player. So, if you line your knuckle up on this notch in your tennis handle or your racket handle, that is what's called an eastern grip. Some players, that's what some players use for a one-handed backhand. Also, if you have a two-handed backhand grip like most players do now, you could use an eastern grip or you can use a continental grip. The continental grip is just in between an eastern grip and a western grip, and then you use your, if you are right-handed your top hand is your left hand. Again, I'm Josh Muramoto, and we just talked about how to hold your racket using a backhand grip.


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