Physiology of Muscle Growth

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Muscle growth depends on proper nutrition and a well-designed strength training program. Optimize your muscle growth with the tips provided by a professional strength and conditioning specialist in this free video about the physiology of muscle growth.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Ashleigh Gass, a strength and conditioning specialist with here on Clear Water Beach at Eagle Fitness. So, we'll chat a bit about the physiology of muscle growth. And it comes down to some basics. Generally speaking, your either in a state of anabolism or you're in an anabolic state or you're in a catabolic state. Anabolic refers to a state of growth, muscular growth, dominantly. And being in a catabolic state refers to being in a state where your muscles are atrophying or getting smaller and your body just generally isn't in a positive growth stage. And in order to be in an anabolic state, you really need make sure you're doing a number of things. Number one, you need to be well fed and well watered. And that means eating lots of healthy proteins, lots of healthy fats, lots of vegetables and minimizing your intake of processed foods, minimizing your intake of drinks like Red Bull and caffeine and alcohol, making sure you're drinking lots of water. It comes down really second point, to having a well designed strength training program that allows for optimal recovery. And then you have to optimize sleep. Make sure you get the best quality of sleep every night and as long as you can sleep for, and minimize stress in your life as much as possible. Now, we all have stress, but minimize the impact that it has on you or the negative impact that it has on you. So, again, to be in a state of, or to be in an anabolic state to maximize muscle growth, you really have to make sure you optimize nutrition, hydration, sleep, minimize stress levels and have a very intelligently designed strength training program. Thanks. I'm Ashleigh Gass with


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