Scalene Muscle Stretch for Neck Physical Therapy

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Doing a scalene muscle stretch when dealing with neck physical therapy is a great way to build back strength in the muscles. Get healthy again with help from an experienced orthopedic clinical specialist in this free video on neck physical therapy stretches and exercises.

Part of the Video Series: Physical Therapy for the Neck
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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm David Pakoszdi, and this is the scalene muscle stretch. You won't need any materials for this. The scalene muscles low, are located on the side of the neck and they are frequently involve in pain running down the arm. To stretch them, you lie in your back; place one hand underneath your hip to stabilize your shoulder, keeping your shoulder blade down. Take the opposite hand and place it just above the ear and then, turn your head slightly to the right for the first position and then drag it across the table and you'll feel a stretch in the posture of scalene. You'll hold that for about ten seconds; then, come back to neutral. The next one is the head straight forward. You'll tilt it over again to the same side. The stretch will be for the middle, middle scalene; holding it for ten seconds. And the last one which is frequently the most important; you tilt your head to the opposite side and the stretch will be in the intra scalene. Holding it for ten seconds; then, come back and relax. I'm David Pakozdi, and that's scalene stretches for the cervical spine.


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