Physical Therapy Exercises for Common Foot & Ankle Problems

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There are some great physical therapy exercises for common foot and ankle problems. Discover great methods to recovery with help from a certified physical therapist in this free video on foot and ankle physical therapy.

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Video Transcript

Hi. This is Tara Pollak, physical therapist at Evolution Physical Therapy here to give you some for common foot and ankle problems. So, Shante, as you sit on the edge of the table there, we're going to strengthen the muscles of the bottom of the foot first. Those are the intrinsic muscles that help support the arch of your foot. You're going to need to have a towel for this. And what you want to do is put your forefoot on the towel, but keep your heel on the floor. And you're going to want to also have a smooth surface floor, either hardwood as we have here or else a marble type of surface, somewhere where the towel will fly. So, to strengthen the intrinsic muscles of the foot, you're going to want to curl your toes into the towel, almost like you're bringing the towel under the arch of your foot. Good. Moving that towel all the way under the foot. Perfect. And then you can slide the towel back out, and then repeat that again. Good. You should feel the muscles contracting under the arch of your foot. Good. And then the other direction we can do is place the towel length wise, again placing your forefoot on the end of the towel and I want you to swipe your toes inward. There your go, keeping the heel fixed on the floor the whole time. Now, you're moving into inversion, so we're also strengthening all of those inverter muscles. And then we can place the towel on the opposite side, so that you're swiping the towel outward, now strengthening the evertors as well as the intrinsic muscles of the foot. Very good. I'm Tara and these are tips for physical therapy exercises for strengthening common foot and ankle problems.


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