How to Repair a Porcelain Veneer on Teeth

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When a porcelain veneer needs repair, it is recommended that the procedure be done by the dentist. Learn about how your dentist will repair your veneers with help from a dentist in this free video on dental advice.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dr. Mike Glasmeier from First Impressions Family Dentistry in Antioch, Tennessee, and today we'll be discussing how porcelain veneers are repaired. Typically, for a porcelain fracture or repair, it's oftentimes recommended that the porcelain veneer be completely redone or reperformed by the dentist. A veneer is a facing or coping that is slid over the front of the tooth to help provide an anesthetic demand of a patient. While it is great for aesthetically recreating a smile, they are very, very fragile due to the fact that they are facings. It's for this reason that the porcelain is very, very thin and very fragile if not used correctly. Forces such as biting, chewing, and grinding cause the veneers to be more susceptible to fracture. Because of the thinness and brittleness of the material, typically when it breaks, it breaks in a way that it cannot be fixed. This, further once needing the veneer to be replaced. For a veneer to be replaced, the dentist will typically have to cut off the remaining portion of the veneer and take a new mold or impressions for the veneer, send it back to the lab and have it done again. Once that new veneer has been placed, it's also important to asses the source of the fracture to make sure that the one the patient is not a grinder, as grinding and clenching will cause predisposed fractures of veneers. In conclusion, veneers, porcelain veneers cannot typically be repaired, therefore, they typically need to be replaced. And replacing them, one must evaluate the source of the fracture, prevent the further problem.


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