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This India rose luxurious skin oil recipe is made with organic, high-quality ingredients that rival any top-of-the-line commercial product. Create a nourishing, moisturizing face oil with help from an author and speaker on eco-friendly lifestyles in this free video on green living.

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Hi, I’m Sophie Uliano, and I’m here with my friend, Finola Hughes. “Hello.” And in this series, I’m showing you and Finola how to make organic skin care recipes at home. “Fantastic.” They’re extremely easy, they’re extremely cost-effective, and more importantly, they’re non-toxic. “Fabulous.” So, if you go into any high-end boutique or store, to buy a—this is called the India Rose luxurious skin oil—“Which, to me, when she said it to me over the phone, I was like I want that!” So, if you were to go into a high-end store and buy this, it would cost you well toward—“Oh, a hundred dollars”—a hundred dollars. “Definitely.” For sure. So this, made at home with these ingredients, is not. Here’s the thing, for some of these products we’re going to make, it does require you to buy a few different ingredients. So, there are a few essential oils that you need. “Now, surely, you’re going to use it.” You’ll use it time and time again. So, you’ll buy these little essential oils, which are highly therapeutic for your skin, and you buy them in these little bottles here. And the place that I always go to is Mountain Rose Herbs; it’s a wonderful organic company. And, the thing is, you can either share it with a friend, because this will last you—you just use a few drops at a time—so it’ll last you for a year, plus. You can use it, and use it, and use it, as with all of the oils. For the India Rose luxurious face oil, you need a glass measuring jug. I like to mix and blend my oils in a glass jug rather than plastic. The other thing that you need is two or however many oils you’re going to make. “And you put them in dark bottles.” I always put them in dark bottles. Whenever you’re using essential oils or plant oils, it really is a good idea to get dark, either cobalt blue or amber bottles, because all essential oils are light sensitive. Which means that after a while, the sunlight, or just the normal light in a room, will break down the oils and cause them to go rancid. Now, you’re getting a little ahead of me. “I know, but it smells so good.” She can’t resist, because they smell so amazing. So, first ingredient that you’re going to put into this is two—do you want to have a go at this?—oh, it does smell amazing—is two tablespoons of sweet almond oil. You can actually buy sweet almond oil at most health food stores. “So, two?” Two tablespoons. “Two tablespoons sweet almond oil.” And then the next, sweet almond oil is incredibly moisturizing, and it’s very good for anybody even with sensitive skin. “Yeah.” So, it’s a wonderful sort of all-around oil. In this one, we’re putting in a very rich avocado oil. “Fabulous.” This is deeply moisturizing for very dry/mature skin, which obviously is not relevant to either of us, but, you know, there could be some people for whom this might be relevant. “Mature.” Mature. “Now, what is it, one again?” Two. “Two.” And, it’s full of antioxidants, you can see, because it’s very green. It’s a beautiful, beautiful oil. So, we’ve got sweet almond oil, and we’ve got avocado oil. Both of them are organic. Now, here’s the real key to this beautiful face oil are the essential oils we’re using. The first is an oil called galbanum oil, and we’re going to put in 20 drops. And it smells woody, it’s got a lovely woody, cypressy smell. And it’s incredibly therapeutic. Yep. “Twenty drops.” Twenty drops. And then the next is called benzoin, benzoin resin. Each of these oils have completely different therapeutic qualities, so the four oils that I’ve picked to put into this skin oil have particular qualities that are very, very good for nurturing, for revitalizing and for deeply moisturizing dry skin. Now the next one is frankincense. “I know this is extremely good for mature skin.” For mature skin. Very good. “Now, do you think we’re going to be able to get this out? How many?” Twenty. And, again, it smells absolutely beautiful. So, remember that these, this, when you’re done, and you’ve got it in a little glass bottle, it’ll last for one year. That’s the shelf life. And then finally, the final oil is rose absolute. And it takes an incredible amount of roses to make this little tiny bottle of oil. “Oh, I have to smell it.” Twenty in there. “That is just heaven on a stick.” Ok, so 20 of those. “Twenty of these.” Be quite sparing, because this is the most expensive oil. “Yeah, I think it probably is.” And if you buy any product, again, in a high-end store that has rose or rose oil in it, it’ll really be expensive. But, again, commercial skin care products tend to use very low-quality ingredients, because they simply can’t afford with their margins to use the kind of ingredients that we’re using here today. So, having got all the essential oils in there, you want to let them blend, master blender that you are, and synergize, which is where all the oils work together. So, leave it for about five or 10 minutes just to synergize. Then, we are going to funnel it into the bottle. And then, I’ll tell you when to stop, because I think we’ve got enough for two bottles here. Ok, you’re good there. Lovely. And then, we’ll just fill a second bottle, because I want one, too. You can’t have enough of these. And also, to make as a gift for your girlfriends is just, they will just love you for it. “And I have really started to use oil on my skin, every single day now. I just find it’s so absorbent. And it seems to me just under any kind of cream, it just feels really good.” Exactly. And then, when you’re going to use it, you have a little dropper in your bottle, that’s because it’s a dropper bottle, and then you’ll just put three or four drops on your skin. So, this will last you about a year. And you use it every single night, after you’ve cleansed, you’ve toned, put it on while you’re asleep, and you’ll really see a massive difference. It’s phenomenal oil. “Oh, this just is great. It really feels lovely. Oh, it smells amazing.” Remember, you don’t have to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on high-end skin care products. You can make them at home. You can make something that’s far superior in quality, ingredients-wise, and you can always do it a little more gorgeously.


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