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A common wrestling hold is the headlock, which involves interlocking both hands, which is called a wrestling lock. Find out how to apply pressure in a headlock with help from a professional wrestler in this free video on wrestling holds.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Sally Boy. I'm a professional wrestler from CoastalChampionshipWrestling.com. In this clip, we are going to give you 3 specific tips on one wrestling hold. As Romeo and Matt here lock up collar and elbow, one of them will grab a headlock on the other. Now, as Matt grabs the headlock there is 3 things I want you to notice. The first thing I want you to notice the way his hands are positioned. The way he interlocks both hands. We call that a wrestling lock. Now he doesn't have his fingers interlocked which have no kind of, you know there's nothing to grab unto. Both hands are locked in tightly. Now, with this, what he can do is he applies pressure all across the jawbone and all across the ear here and on the neck. He is wearing his opponent down here. Now, the other thing I want you to notice is also just the way his feet are positioned here. He's in perfect alignment, he's got all his strength here and he's also in a running position. So, in that running position he's able to take off and go on the offense. Because the whole game here is to wear your opponent down so that you can eventually get the victory whether it's by pin or submission. So his body, all his strength is up here. He's got great balance on his legs and he's ready to run. The third and final tip here is the pressure that he's applying. Number one he is applying pressure to the head. Not only is he doing that but with his weight he is squeezing down on the back of his neck which is applying pressure to the lower back. Again wearing down his opponent for the obvious goal at the end. Win by pin or submission. So we have his hands, we have the pressure and we have the balance right here. This has been Sally Boy thank you for watching.


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