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In pro wrestling, a good stance is one that is perfectly balanced so that a wrestler can show all of their strength. Learn about choke slams in wrestling with help from a professional wrestler in this free video on pro wrestling tips.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Sally Boy. I'm a professional wrestler from In this clip, we're going to show you some wrestling moves and stances. Three tips, the first tip is right here we have the seven foot tall giant Isis. Now, what she wants to do when she does her wrestling stance, let's get into a wrestling stance. She wants to show her height because she is taller than any woman I've ever seen but she also wants to show her strength. She doesn't want to get too low on the guy, she wants to try to make the guy try to come up or the girl actually come up and try to grab her which will be nearly impossible. So her stance will be one of height and strength. J.T. Flash here will go into a stance more towards the amateur wrestling. He has one foot behind the other. He has perfect balance. All his strength is right here in his hips and he has his hands ready for any kind of fight or any move thrown him. Now if J.T. wanted he could scoop up underneath The Giant and try to hoist her up and throw her to the ground. Now the next tip we're going to show is one of the wrestling holds. Actually thank you J.T. We're going to call Romeo in here and the Giant Isis is going to perform what we call a choke slam. Now in this one Isis is going to place her hand right around the throat of Romeo. Now she grabs the throat. She'll come on this side. She'll grab his other arm, throw it over her shoulder taking away any kind of balance he has, taking all of her strength right underneath the body. Now what she will do is she will grab Romeo by the side and from the side and the choking motion will hoist him up in the air and throw him flat on his back. With her strength and height, it's a seven foot drop for Romeo. Chances are at the end of that she can go and cover, whether it be female or male, the Giant Isis could just pin them, one, two, three. This has been Sally Boy. Thank you for watching.


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