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Behind the scenes, pro wrestlers are often much more toned down, in terms of their personalities. Learn about the training that is involved in professional wrestling with help from a professional wrestler in this free video on pro wrestling.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Sally Boy. I am a professional wrestler from CoastalChampionshipWrestling.com. Let's talk a little bit about wrestling behind the scenes, and how maybe different it is from what you see on the screen. When the cameras go off and the guys go behind the curtain, a lot of things change. A lot of the loud mouths and the big mouths that you see out there in the back are probably the quietest, most humble people that you'll ever meet. But, because this is professional wrestling, and we need to go out and prove ourselves and show to the world who we are, we have to come out with our personalities and be seen. But, behind the scenes, a lot of what goes on is, you know, we do our training obviously in the gym, in the wrestling ring. We actually, you know, hone our skills with our interviews and our promos, you know, whether it's talking in a mirror or talking to different objects and learning how to actually cut a really good promo. And a lot of other things is we are handling everyday business, you know, we are writing out our bills like everybody does. We are paying our mortgage like everybody does. So, you actually go and work, this is a job for us. So, we go out and perform our job, we hopefully get paid and then you end up paying your bills. So, behind the scenes it's actually really quiet, but there is a lot of hard work that goes behind it. It's waking up early, it's training hard, it's going to the gym, cutting that time, also spending it with your family, spending it with your friends. There's a whole lot behind the scenes in professional wrestling that people don't always see. You just see the loud mouth out there and you figure he's a loud mouth everyday. One time, someone went up to my wife and asked her, hey, is Sally Boy really a bad guy? She goes, what does he hit me with a chair when I burn the toast? No, he doesn't hit me with a chair, he's a normal guy just like you and me. This is professional wrestling guys. So, there's a lot behind the scenes in professional wrestling.


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