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A common magic trick that every magician should learn is the color-changing handkerchief trick. Learn how to perform the changing handkerchief trick with help from an award-winning magician in this free video on magic tricks.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Magician Paul Weatherbee and today, in this tutorial, I'm going to be talking about the color changing handkerchief trick. Here I have a handkerchief, it's a pink and green. Actually, two handkerchiefs, pink and green. Aren't they beautiful? Pink and green. That's what I like, a nice wide awake audience. Here it is, pink and green. That is the color changing handkerchief trick. In case that was just so mind blowing the first time you saw it, let me do it again. Here we go. Green and pink goes to yellow and red; again, just like that. Now, I'm going to tell you how to do the color changing hankie trick. You can purchase this trick, it's readily available on the market. You can purchase it from your local magic shop or magic shop on the Internet. They range from very cheaply made ones to very expensive and large ones. But, and this is how they're made. You're actually going to need four handkerchiefs of different colors. Two of the handkerchiefs are going to be normal; but two of the, you have to sew together to form a pocket. The pocket looks like this. You would fold it over in such a manner like this. You pull it across diagonally to make the pocket and you would sew along each side. There's a little ring at the top; so if you can find a little metal ring, you can sew that in there. Like I said, the one, the pocket turns inside out and the other loose one is connected to the pocket and it looks just like that. You can find a lot of Soc Magic and rents a Soc encyclopedias if you don't have those books. I would recommend that you get them and get a color changing handkerchief trick from your local magic shop. Practice it, have fun with it and in fact, it might be cheaper and easier if you buy one than if you try to make one. They're not that expensive. Go buy one at the magic shop. I'm Paul Weatherbee. Rock on, keep your magic strong and check out


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