How to Set Your Golf Club Behind the Ball

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When setting the golf club behind the ball, it is important to align the face of the club with the ball squarely to achieve the best shot possible. Learn to set your golf club properly with advice from an experienced golf instructor in this free video on golf swings.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Conan Elliott and I'm Director of Instruction here at Camas Meadows Golf Club in Camas, Washington. Today we're going to talk about how to set your golf club behind the golf ball. The materials we need for that is a golf ball and a golf club. Well, that's pretty important question. In fact, that golf clubs are actually design to so that they'll set correctly behind the ball. On a, on a wood, they're very very rounded here; but the back inside corner right to the back is made to set so that the face sits quietly and sit square. So when I set the golf club, I want to let the club sit on its back inside portion of the head so that squares the face to the golf ball. If I don't do that, then my club face gets close or open to the ball. So I want to make sure that I set it to the back inside corner. If I set it up on its edge, as you can that backs up in the air now; then the club face is close. It's also hooded with its very very little loft. So when the golf club sits there correctly, you can see there's loft on the face, in the back inside corners where it's sitting. If I come off of that corner, my face starts to change its, its look and the loft starts to go away. Same as if I set it to the outside corner, I'd have my hands too high; I'd have the club aiming off to the right. So the wood is meant to sit correctly there to level; on the inside, back, inside portion of the club. On an iron, it's built with the angle this way. So, if I set the club on its bottom with the ball in the middle and I want to try to get my club to sit, so that the center of the golf club is on the ground. Notice an iron is not level. It's rounded on the bottom. If I set it on a heel, my club is going to close to the left. If I set it on out toward the toe, it will be opened to the right. So I want to set my club so that the middle of the club is sitting level on the ground. That keeps my club face square to the golf ball. I see this, this happen a lot with golfer where they just don't set that club correctly. So if we set that club on the heel, you can see that club face starts to turn over here square; it's starting to aim left, left on my target and the, the, the loft goes off of the club face. If I set it out to the toe on the front part of the club, my face starts to open up; adds loft and aims to the right. So I got to make sure that I set that right in the middle. I don't set it on its bottom or on its toe; but right in the middle. When I do that and set it level in the middle of the club, then my club face is aim straight and the loft is correct for the club that I'm using. This is Conan Elliott and that's how to set your golf club behind the golf ball.


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