How to Light Pre-Made Fireplace Logs

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To light pre-made fireplace logs, you need to locate your valve, diesel ignition button, control valve as well as your high low valve for your burner. Discover how to light pre-made fireplace logs with advice from a fireplace and grills store owner in this free video on fireplaces.

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Video Transcript

Hi I am Ken Fargason with Nashville Fireplace and Grills out of Nashville, Tennessee. We are going to talk about how to light a set of pre-made gas logs. The only thing you are going to really need is a set of pre-made gas logs. Being in the fireplace business one of the most commonly asked questions we get is how to light my set of vent free gas logs. It is a fairly easy process. You need to locate your valve on your set of gas logs. You will have a diesel ignition button, you will have a pilot control valve, and you will have a high low valve for your burner. You want to locate those three items before you get started. Now that you have located the three items the one we are going to zero in on is the actual control knob for the valve. It is going to be the one that is going to have on, off, and pilot on it. What you want to do is find your alignment mark on the valve, turn the valve knob to the pilot position, and you are going to be able to depress that knob in, and what that is going to do is it is going to allow gas flow to the pilot assembly. While you are holding that knob in you will want to hit your striker or your diesel ignition button. This is going to throw a spark at the pilot, your pilot is going to ignite. After it ignites you want to still hold this knob in for another fifteen, twenty seconds. Once you have done that you can let off of it, your pilot should stay lit, and then you will be able to turn the burner to the on position, and your valve will open, and allow the burner to come on. Once you have got that pilot lit you are fine for the season. You can leave it burning all season long, and at the end of the season you can come over here and turn the valve to the off position. And that is how you light a pre-fab set of gas logs.


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