Basic Computer Training for Children

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The best way to train your children basic computer skills is to enable a safe environment for them to surf the Internet and computer. Let your kids learn basic computer skills with tips from an IT consultant in this free video on computer training.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Chris Noble, I'm an Independent IT Consultant. My website's and I'm here to talk to you about basic computer training for children. Things you'll need for this are a computer, an operating system, the latest one preferably, Mac Operating System or Windows Operating System up to date, and children. Children tend to take to computers like ducks do to water, they learn pretty fast. The Internet's an ever-changing place so trends and websites, techniques and tools will change rapidly. The best thing you can do as a parent is enable a safe environment for your kids to surf the Internet and to use the computer and let them figure out how to do it. They'll learn much faster than you can, you'll see in no time they'll be up to speed and browsing the Internet and doing a ton of things that they'll be teaching you about! The first step that you need to do is to create an account for them on your computer that isn't the account that you use. As an adult you'll want to give yourself unrestricted access to all parts of the computer and the Internet. For your children you'll want to restrict access and make sure that you can manage the accounts. So to do that the first thing you need to do is to log into the Administration of your computer. We're using a Mac today so we're going to log into the System Preferences and have a look at the User Accounts. Now you'll need to create an account for the children, so give them a user name, you can call it "The Kids" or if you have individual children that you want to assign user names to you can do that as well. Make sure you write down the user names and the passwords and give that to each of the children. Once you've set up the account for the children you can edit the parental controls. This is where it gives you a chance to choose which websites they can use, which applications they can open, and in some cases even how long they can spend at the computer and at what times. So if you go through each of these settings you'll be able to change each of the filters on each of the settings on each of the tabs. The last step to do really is to give the kids access to the computer. Now at this point you'll want to hand the controls over to them, tell them what their user name and password is, give them some basic training on how to move the mouse around the screen, how to open an Internet browser like "Internet Explorer", or "Safari" or "Firefox". Show them how to browse to their favorite websites, which may be kids news programs or cartoon sites, and let them just go and play! They'll soon figure it out. My name's Chris Noble, thanks so much for watching this video about basic computer training for children.


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