How to Chop Block in Football

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A chop block is often used in football if the offensive lineman thinks that the defensive player is going to use their speed against them. Properly execute a chop block and take out an opponent's legs with help from a football coach in this free video on football chop blocking techniques.

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Hi, my name is Jesse Shale, I'm the head football coach here at Miami Christian School in Miami, Florida. In this clip we're going to talk about how to chop block in football and for offensive lineman, that's one of the most fun blocks to execute. So you need to do it properly, though, because if you don't, after the first time, you're going to find your face in the dirt, a lot of times. So here's what you need to do, our offensive lineman gets into a good offensive lineman stance. Now a lot of times, you want to chop block, if you think that they're trying to use their speed against you. Or maybe just as another opportunity to get an advantage. So what you do is, you're going to step with your opposite foot, alright. It's going to the right, so you're going to throw your opposite shoulder, in this case your left shoulder, into his crotch area, his thigh. As you feel contact, you run your feet, you don't dive, you run your feet. And as you feel his body weight, you begin to roll, you begin to roll to take out his legs. And that's the way, you're going to properly execute that chop block. Alright, get up gentlemen. Now the problem usually in practice is that, you can't really practice chop blocks too much, because there's a threat of injury. So what you'd like to do instead is, you'd like to grab a pad and have the person you're chop blocking, run with the pad. And what you tell your offensive lineman to do is, is that now you're going to chop block that pad as if his crotch are was right here. And that way, he can properly execute his location, he can properly execute the running of his feet, and then finally the roll, into the bag itself. O.K., so make sure you move the bag, as he moves, so let's try that here, again, half speed, then we'll go full speed. Set, hit, o.k., he's throwing that opposite shoulder, he runs his feet and then he's going to roll. But you're going to keep that pad with him, right? You're going to keep that pad with him, so he can get a good chop block. The point of that is, to send him into the air. Let's get one more good one, one more good one, set, hit, right, and then he rolls. Once again, this has been Coach Shale in Miami, Florida.


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