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Lowering triglycerides can be done by limiting how much fat and sugar a person has in his or her diet. Enjoy a healthier lifestyle with advice from a registered dietitian in this free video about lowering triglyceride levels.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Nancy Dell. I'm a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetic Educator. I own Nancy Dell and Associates Nutrition Counseling in Feeding Hills, Massachusetts. Today we're going to talking, we're going to talk about lowering your triglycerides. Triglycerides are the fat in your blood. They come from two sources. One is the fat in the food you eat especially the hard saturated fats that come from animals. But triglycerides can also be made from white flour and sugar in the foods that you eat. First let's look at the fats. You want to reduce the animal fat in your diet; that means reducing the amount of fatty meats you have and choosing leaner cuts of beef, chicken and fish. Also, reducing the amount of cheese you eat; generally, limiting cheese to about one ounce a day. This includes hard cheeses as well as things like cream cheese. Your half and half in your coffee could be a big source for raising triglycerides. We recommend you try the fat free half and half instead so you can still have a nice creamy texture without all the fat. So once you've reduced the fat, you want to look a little more closely at the sugar and white flour you eat. Sugar can just be sugar you add to your coffee or your tea; but it might also be in the baked goods that you eat. So you want to reduce the amount of sugar and you want to use whole grains instead of white flour products. Whole grain breads, whole grain rice, whole grain pastas and substitute the whole grains for the white flour foods. Now we need to look at beverages. The beverage you drink can raise the triglycerides as well. Alcohol can dramatically raise triglycerides. You may need to cut it out altogether; but try what experts recommend first. Women should limit their alcohol to one drink a day which is considered about five ounces of wine; one shot of liquor or eight to twelve ounces of beer. Men can have two servings of alcohol a day. Juices will also raise your triglycerides. So you want to avoid juice and drink whole fruits; eat whole fruits, I should say; whole oranges, whole grapes instead of orange juice, grape juice and other juices. So those are the foods that you need to avoid. There are also some things that you can add to your diet such as the whole grains; but also fish oil. Fish oil has been shown to dramatically lower triglycerides. You can get it in a pill form or you could try to eat fish five times a week; that can be somewhat difficult. So I often people do turn to a fish people supplement. Your doctor or your dietitian can help determine exactly the dose that is right for you; so you need to talk to them about that. One thing about fish oil that's important is to be sure that it doesn't repeat on you because if you can taste it all day, you're not going to consume it. So if you keep it in a refrigerator we find that it doesn't tend to repeat on you. So the fish oil is very good for lowering your triglycerides as well. The final thing is just to try to lose some weight. Losing weight can lower triglycerides dramatically and get you in the range that your doctor would be looking for. So if you want to lower your triglycerides, remember, avoid animal fats; use low fat versions of milk and meat foods; use whole grain products and avoid too much sugar in your diet; avoid alcohol and juices and use a fish oil.


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