How to Apply Witch Makeup

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Traditional witch makeup begins with a green foundation before adding red lips and dark eyes. Apply makeup to look like a scary witch with a demonstration by a certified stage makeup artist in this free video on Halloween makeup.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Mattie Sproul and I'm a Licensed Cosmetologist and I'm also a Certified in Theatrical and Halloween Makeup and today we're going to be showing you how to do a scary witch. You will need a palette, eyeliner, face paint, makeup sponges, compact or eyeshadow, brushes and lipstick. So what I like to do first is make sure the hair is out of the way which it is and then we're going to put a green face on her. So take your costume paint; put it on your palette and take a makeup sponge. I like to use the thicker part and just go to town. She's looking terrifying already and just repeat this on the other side. Okay, so witches are typically green and they have really big eyebrows and black eyebrows. So what you want to do next is take your black eyeliner and outline her eyebrows and you can make them pretty much any shape. You can follow the general shape of your eyebrow as it is now or you can definitely change it up. Well pretty much keep hers the same, just make it thicker and bigger. We'll make hers a little more scraggly and in order to do that you just want to make a flicking upward motion and that's going to give the illusion of hair. So flick, flick, flick. So now we're going to outline her eye with the black eyeliner and it's easy if you make the skin tight and you just follow her eyelash. And what I'm doing here is I'm taking the eyeliner and I'm actually bringing it into her nose; I'm dabbing it and we're going to blend that together to make her eyes look like a little more dark. So now what I'm going to do is I'm going to give her some defining lines and I'm just going to use black compact eyeshadow and this brush. You just need a little; black goes a long way and we're going to put this in her eyes; 'cause witches are wrinkly; around her eyes and around her forehead. So just take black lipstick and fill in her lips. "Open your mouth." So we'll just take our black eyeliners, pencil again and let's just put it on the corner of her chin. So just take it and you can make a little circular motion with your fingers and that'll leave a nice little mark. And moles are pretty huge; so scary ones at least. And this is Halloween makeup for scary witch and you can finish this off with a black wig and broom and a witch hat.


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