How to Reduce Cellulite Naturally

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Reducing cellulite the natural way can be done by cutting back on calories, exercising and increasing cardiovascular workouts. Break down those extra cells with advice from a personal trainer in this free video about losing cellulite naturally.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tanya Batts, and I'm a Personal Trainer. I want to talk to you today about how to reduce cellulite naturally. The materials you will need to reduce your cellulite naturally are a bag, or even put a mattress up against the wall. Who are we kidding? Just kick the mattress. Another thing is sort of light weights, and then some space on the floor, and that's all you need. So, the first thing you got to do? Cut the calories. You really want to start reducing your meal sizes. As opposed to three big meals a day, you want to do six small meals a day. That's a big deal. Kind of cutting the carbs is really going to help reduce that cellulite. You're not going to be able to get rid of it completely, because it's just some fat cells underneath the skin. We're just trying to shrink those fat cells to make them appear smaller. So, the first tip I want to tell you is you got to get moving walking like thirty minutes a day. So, I want to show you a first tip, the bag. Great way to start. We're going to start to kick. Just got to get the legs moving. Kicking is a great way to kind of get the heart rate up. I'm just kicking that bag head on. Next thing, I'm going to kick it a little differently, so from the side, pushing through the heel, boom. That's a lot of butt work. The heel is slightly higher than the toe. That's getting the legs moving. And you want them warm, and that's going to start to reduce that cell size. Another great thing to do, I'm going to come on the floor. Second tip, working a little bit more in the butt. I'm coming on my elbows, knees directly below my hips. I'm just going to lift and I'm going to lower. That is really getting right into the butt area. It's where we hold a lot of cellulite. Another thing I'm going to show you; I'm going to come on my side. I'm even going to grab a weight. You don't even have to. All the way down; weight right on the outer thigh. Lift and lower the leg. That's really going to focus right on this hip. You don't even need the weight. You can use a water bottle, just something around the house. But, that's a great way to start reducing that cellulite naturally. So, diets don't work. You just got to cut down on your calories. And those are just a few great ways to really focus on the cellulite areas, and get rid of it naturally.


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