How to Lose Belly, Hip & Thigh Fat

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A great way to lose belly, hip and thigh fat is to use an inflatable ball, a mat and plenty of space. Burn belly, hip and thigh fat with the advice of a certified personal fitness trainer in this free video on how to get in shape.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tanya Batts, and I'm a personal trainer, let's talk about how to lose belly, hip and thigh fat. Materials you will need to burn belly, hip and thigh fat are, a mat, plenty of space, one of those inflatable balls. Tip number one, I'm going to show you how to lose the belly, this is a tough one, you're going to love it. You're going to need a ball, so you just want to roll out, so your shins are on the ball. All you want to do is, pull the ball in towards you. I guess, I pulled the knees into the chest, boom. That's a great way to really work the core, if you want it like a level two, you want to pike. So all you're doing, lifting the butt to the ceiling, toes are on the ball and roll it back down, maybe do ten of those. Another great one to do for the thighs, I'm going to do side on. Knees directly below your hips, cross your arms off your chest, yeah, your knees are about hip distance. You just want to roll back and roll back up. You want to keep a flat back when you do this. Amazing how it makes the thighs burn, you don't want to do this, cheating. Long spine, want it harder, the hands are here. That is total firework, and it's totally burning. Let's go for the hips, so here's your tip number three for the hips. Hands on width shoulders, lift one knee up and the other, boom. That is really burning the hip, if you want it a little more, you can keep the knee up, point the toe like you're roundhousing, pow, pow. That is really certain to toast the hip, boom, boom. So those are just a few ways you can reduce the fat in the belly, thighs and the hips.


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