How to Make Pizza Dough


Making good pizza dough requires using high gluten flour, the right kind of yeast, sugar, salt, oil and water. Bake pizza dough that tastes just as good as the pizza from a parlor with expert tips from a cook in this free video on making homemade pizza dough.

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Video Transcript

Hi I am Morgan McColum, and I am from Twilight Pizza Bistro in Camas, Washington, and I am here today to talk to you a little bit about how to make pizza dough. One of the major mistakes that most people make when they make pizza dough is they follow a recipe that doesn't use high gluten flower, and they wonder why they use all purpose flour. And then they wonder why it doesn't taste like they expect it to. The problem with all purpose flour is it is made for baking. It is not made for pizza dough. To get that nice care in pizza dough that you want you want to use a high gluten flour. High gluten flour has more protein in it than your average AP flour, and what that does is it adds that nice tearing consistency that you look for in pizza that makes it really nice, and satisfying that you really like in your pizza dough. And it use to be that high gluten flour was a little difficult to find. Now you can find it in almost any grocery store, in any place in the country. So let's talk a little bit about components for your pizza dough. It is important to remember that pizza dough is a bread. Breads need to rise. That means that the yeast components needs to work. Another problem that most people run into is that they use the kind of yeast that you get in the little package, and you have to ferment it in the water, and it makes it a little difficult, and it doesn't always work right, and it doesn't lend for a high success rate. So what we are looking for is for you to be absolutely successful in your pizza dough making, and here is the way to do that. You want to find an instant yeast. Again this is a product that may not have been available to you before. You can buy this in almost any grocery store in the country now. You don't have to use this brand it just happens to the be one that we use here. What it does is it works every time as long as your water is at a temperature to activate it, and you put the yeast in, and you give it some food. In any kind of dough generally sugar is the food for the yeast. So we are going to add a little bit of sugar to our dough. We are going to add a little bit of salt, because salt is flavor in almost everything. We are going to add the water, because dough needs a liquid component. And we are going to add a little oil, because oil also adds to kind of the consistency. There are many different variations on this scene. For a sweet component to feed the yeast you can use honey, you can use white sugar like we are using here, you can use raw sugar, you can use brown sugar, and each of those different things that you add to it will add a different flavor, and a different kind of feel to that dough. So this is not something that you should worry too much about. Follow a generalized recipe, and then find your own style. There are tons of recipes online now. You can go to Epicurious, which has tons of resources from gourmet magazine in Bon Appetite. There's tons of cookbooks out on the market, there's all kinds of resources for you to use to find the perfect recipe for your pizza dough, and the kind that you like. So we have our high gluten flour, we have our instant yeast, we have our sugar, salt, and our oil, and our water. And those are pretty much all the ingredients in almost any pizza dough recipe that you are going to find. So let's make some dough. I am using a recipe that I found online. It is a pretty basic one. Like I said it has all the components that you need. This particular recipe calls for three and half cups of flour, and we are going to add our water, and we are going to add our instant yeast already active ready to go. Now again this recipe called for three and half cups of flour, it calls for one cup of warm water, and two tablespoons of yeast. Now it doesn't say in this recipe, but what I am going to do here is I am going to go ahead and add the sugar, and I am going to leave the salt and the oil out, because the salt and the oil will both stop the activation process of the yeast. And now we are just going to pulse this, get some mixing action going on there, and then we are going to add our oil. This recipe calls for a quarter cup of oil. You are going to need this oil in there to add that extra moisture in, but we want to go ahead, and let that yeast activate with that sugar, and that water. So we are going to go ahead and add our oil now that it has had a little time to work in there, and now you will see that that dough will start moving in together. What you are looking for in a dough is you are looking for that to really start to ball up and stick together. What that means is that the glutens are activating. The last thing we are going to do is add in our salt. So when you have mixed your dough you want to take it out, and knead it into a ball. Take the dough, roll it over in your hands, I am going to show you really quick. You want to take that dough, and just roll it over in your hands like that very gently. Lightly oil it, put it in a bowl, put saran wrap in it, over it, in that bowl, and put it in your refrigerator, because that is how you are going to get the kind of pizza dough that you always eat at the pizza parlor you love. I am Morgan McColum, and that is how to make pizza dough.


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