How to Eat to Maintain Kidney Health

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Kidney health can often rely on healthy eating, such as reducing the amount of calcium and meat products but increasing the intake of magnesium and vitamin B6. Find out how to maintain healthy kidneys with advice from a licensed dietitian and nutritionist in this free video on healthy eating.

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Video Transcript

Your kidney health is not necessarily adversely affected in general. But, some people are susceptible to certain problems. For example, some people are susceptible to kidney stones. So for those folks they actually should not be consuming a lot of high calcium products and calcium supplements. Those people should also watch the amount of meat that they eat because meat creates a lot of acid and actually increases the loss of calcium through the kidneys which causes the formation of the stones. Some people are at very high risk for urinary tract infections and also infections of the kidney. In those cases cranberry juice seems to be really helpful in cleaning out the kidney, making sure that certain organisms don't adhere to the lining of the tubials in the kidney and also of the urethra. There are some studies that show if you increase your intake of magnesium and vitamin B6 you can actually prevent kidney stones. There are certain drinks that may make the kidney stones more likely to happen and one of them is tea. We're not quite sure why it is but it could be the tannins in tea increase the formation of kidney stones. One also has to watch the phosphorus content of the diet. A lot of your soft drinks are very high in phosphorus. Overeating protein in general to some degree can damage the kidneys. It's much more common though once you have kidney disease. Kidney disease is brought on by primarily diabetes. Most people who have kidney disease either get it from diabetes or they get it from high blood pressure. So, if you're trying to save your kidneys then keeping your blood pressure under control is a good idea and of course that means not eating too much sodium, not eating too much sugar, maintaining normal weight.


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