How to Clean Your Colon by Fasting

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Fasting is a great way to clean out the colon, but incorporating natural juices, soups and Metamucil can keep you from getting too weak during a colon cleanse. Eliminate toxins and solid waste from the body with advice from a licensed dietitian and nutritionist in this free video on healthy eating.

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Some of the ways to clean your colon by fasting are to take Metamucil or psyllium you know and if you go to the health food store for example or any store like that they will have a packet that includes these sorts of fibers that help to remove waste from the colon and also generally some kind of herbal supplement that helps to also detoxify the liver. There are all kinds of diets to try to help you know with they say cleanse the system of toxins and clean out the colon. There have never been any heart studies as to whether or not that is effective or that makes an actual difference in people's health but you get folks who say they feel better after they do this and there may be some rationale to that, you know the only problem is if you do it for too long you can get weak, you know and end up losing a tremendous amount of weight. Some people carry the fast on for a month. Generally if you are trying to do a fast that really cleans the colon out without hurting your health it would be no more than three days and generally including soups and juices as part of the fast and staying away from the solid foods. It means it cleans out the system basically what you do is in addition to not eating certain foods you are also taking in special kinds of fiber and psyllium is the most common one. That's what you find in Metamucil and what it does is it actually goes into pockets that are made, have certain wastes that is still lodged in those pockets, it removes it from the colon so the colon actually takes out wastes that may have been there for a little while so that is part of that whole cleansing system but the other part is they often have you consume herbs that may help with detoxifying the liver, milk thistle for example has been shown to help with regeneration of liver to some degree so that's kind of part of that. A lot of people who have cancer often undergo these fasts with the idea that there is toxins building up in the body that is keeping the body from being able to actually fight the tumors.


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