How to Scuba Dive

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Scuba diving requires first becoming certified through a series of lessons, and knowing the proper safety protocol for various situations. Learn the basics of scuba diving with helpful advice from the owner of a Miami dive store in this free video on scuba diving.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Valerie Kevorkian and I'm with Tarpoon Lagoon Dive Center at Miami Beach, Florida. In this clip we're going to talk about how to scuba dive. Once you have received training and you are a certified diver you are ready to make the dive. After entering the water you've established positive buoyancy on the surface, checked again your equipment to make sure everything is in place and hasn't been dislodged from the entry, establishing positive buoyancy on the surface you want to check your equipment one more time to make sure that nothing has been dislodged or lost during the entry. Switching over from your snorkel on to your regulator and ready to make a safe and easy descent to the bottom, holding the BC hose over your head, air escapes out of the BC allowing you negative buoyancy, the diver descends and makes his dive remembering to equalize his ears and to constantly keep breathing, the number one rule of scuba diving, never hold your breath. When it's time to come up, a safe slow ascent is always important. The diver ascends slowly always breathing, hand up, head up and looking up. Once on the surface the diver will establish positive buoyancy and switch over to his snorkel and go to his point of exit. This is Valerie Kevorkian. Thank you for watching.


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