How to Crimp Hair Without a Crimper

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A great tool for crimping hair is a regular curling iron, which can be used in sections without twirling the hair around the shaft. Create small waves and crimps with help from a state-certified cosmetologist and hair stylist in this free video on styling hair.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Lisa and I'm a hairstylist in Wilmington, North Carolina and I'm going to talk about how to crimp hair without a crimping iron. So for our model here we created two very small little regular braids and we're going to let those set for a couple of minutes while we do another method of crimping hair without an actual crimping iron. We're going to take these out and it's going to create a nice little crimping pattern and depending on how big you make your braids, it's going to determine how big the size of your, your little crimped pattern is. Meanwhile we're going to go on to a little section of hair, we're going to take about an inch, an inch swath of hair here. We're going to take a regular one-inch barrel curling iron and we're going to just press it down for just a couple of seconds and then we're going to turn it and then we're going to hold it again and then we're going to turn it again. And we're just going to carry on in that fashion down the length of the section. And that just creates a pretty, a pretty pattern right on the surface of the hair that pretty much is what a crimping iron would have done had you had one. Now we're going to take these little braids out and see what we have. We're going to have a fun little texture that we did without any heat styling tools. Just little rubber bands and start with damp hair and it sets up pretty quickly, you could wear your hair in braids like this around the house for the day or to the beach or whatever you want to do and then when you take it out you have this fun little thing going on here. And I'm just using the end of a rattail comb to kind of, to get in there and gently loosen this hair, sort of unravel it. And then if you did it like that to style it, you might want to add, or leave couple of little braids in for fun. And there you have two ways to crimp hair without a crimping iron.


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