How to Pitch Left-Handed

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Pitching left-handed is the same as pitching right-handed except that the motion is reversed. Learn about the advantages of being a left-handed hitter with help from a professional baseball instructor in this free video on pitching left-handed in baseball.

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Video Transcript

The question that's asked is how do you pitch left-handed. Well, the good news is, you pitch left-handed exactly like you pitch right-handed. The process is just reversed because you're using a different side of your body. I would assume that you're naturally left-handed and it's your dominant hand. That being the case, and you want to throw left-handed, you'd develop the same fundamentals as the right-handed pitcher would use. You want to do the same drills, you want to go through the same basic preparations of long-toss, the same exercises. Basically, you duplicate the process using your left hand instead of your right hand. There are some real advantages to being a left-handed pitcher. It's easier to pick people off of first base, and you're always facing the guys that get on base the most, the guys at first and second, because you're left-handed. It's a tremendous advantage. Plus, left-handers are not seen as much as right-handers, and are sometimes more effective just because they are less frequently seen by the batters. So, if you are left-handed, and you want to be a left-handed pitcher, you basically do the same exact thing as the right-handed pitchers do, you just do it with your left hand. That's basically how to become a left-handed pitcher.


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