How to Use a Pitching Machine

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A pitching machine, first and foremost, must have access to electric current, and there are several different types of pitching machines. Learn about two-wheeled pitching machines and machines that pick up baseballs with an arm with help from a professional baseball instructor in this free video on pitching machines.

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Video Transcript

The question's asked, "How to use a pitching machine?" First of all, let's note that there are many kinds of pitching machines, but all of them require electricity. So wherever you go use a pitching machine, you're going to have some; you're going to have some access to electric current. Some pitching machines are two wheels like this one; some, there's sometimes configured horizontally above each other or one on top, stack on top of one another or they can be a one wheel type where they, you just drop it down and it picks it up or there's a all, what we call Iron Mike time, type that picks the ball up with an arm and actually throws the ball that way and those are usually at batting ranges and things like that. This particular machine, you simply turn the machine on; crank up the desired, desired velocity based upon whatever number it is you would 'cause the faster the wheels turn, the faster the ball goes out in velocity. And you can even set it to tilt forward or backwards; there's legs that comes to this so that you can extend it up to this height, kind of like a tripod. But basically you just drop the ball with the wheels turning and it shoots the ball out here. It can, you can shoot pop flies; you can shoot pitches. On the double wheel kind that you can turn it at angle you can actually throw curve balls; you can throw pitcher's like, pitch-like knuckle balls where both wheels are turn exact same RPN; so the ball comes out dead with those spin. So the double wheel type machines can be used for a, a myriad variety of uses. But basically make sure that you know that you have electricity wherever you're going to use these pitching machines. Each one of these machines comes with some instructions; but basically it's, turn the machine on, set it to the desired velocity that you want it to be, drop the balls in and here we go. But basically, that's how you use a pitching machine.


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