How to Break in an Infielder's Glove

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An infielder's glove in baseball can be broken in with glove oil that softens up the leather, as well as with a rubber band that can be wrapped around the closed glove. Prevent wrinkles from forming in a baseball glove pocket with help from a professional baseball instructor in this free video on breaking in a baseball glove.

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Video Transcript

The question was asked how to break in a fielder's glove. Well one of the first things you probably want to do is to get you some glove oil much like this. It also can be more generic and called tanner's oil and basically you put some of that in the pocket in the area and it may be a little bit in where you put your hand in to keep from your sweat drying out the inside of your glove but basically oil the glove down not too heavy but that softens the leather and helps it break in more easy and then play as much catch and get as much impact between the ball and the gloves as possible because that helps to loosen up the leather and stretches the strings and things and makes it more flexible so you can close it easier. They also make a little tool that looks like a little hammer with a baseball on the end that you can beat in there. Another good idea is to put the, when you're not going to be using gloves is to put the ball in the palm of the glove and close the glove and put a rubber band around it. That will help hold the pocket to keep from getting wrinkles on the inside of your pocket but with some good glove oil, tanner's oil if you will, a lot of good pitch and catch never hurts and then make sure you store your glove away with the baseball in the pocket to keep it nice and flat so that you don't get wrinkles in your pocket and basically that's how you break in an infielder's glove.


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