How to Hold a Wooden Bat

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A wooden baseball bat should be held by facing the trademark so that the bat is less prone to splitting on contact. Learn about lining up the knuckles to hold a baseball bat with help from a professional baseball instructor in this free video on wooden baseball bats.

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Video Transcript

The question was asked how to hold a wooden bat. The first thing we're going to do to hold any bat is to get the bat where our door knocking knuckles are lined up. That puts the bat at our fingertips and gives us more wrist action so make sure that you line up your door knocking knuckles. One way for little guys to check that is if your first two fingers will stand straight up you're holding it right. If they point this way that you're holding it incorrect and secondly and this is very important to hitting with a wood bat. This trademark is positioned on the bat for a purpose, is to tell you how the grain runs. We never want to hit the ball on the trademark or opposite of the trademark because it makes the bat splinter more easily. We want to hit the ball on the sweet spot, on the side, on either side of the trademark so if you are always looking at the trademark you'll always be hitting with the side where the grain is the hardest so make sure that you're always looking at your trademark or you can turn it exactly upside down but don't do as many kids do with them metal bats and start spinning it in your hands because then you're going to end up hitting the ball with the trademark facing the ball or the exact opposite and it causes it to break more easily. Balls that are struck on the end of the bat or below the trademark on the handle it's easy to break the bat but it's more difficult and the bat survives much better if you're always looking at the trademark but basically that's how to hold a wooden bat.


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