How to Become a Better Infielder

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In order to become a better infielder, it's important to focus on improving hand-eye coordination, quickness, agility and approaching the ball. Find out how to improve the strength and accuracy of throws with help from a professional baseball instructor in this free video on playing the infield in baseball.

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Video Transcript

The question's asked how to become a better infielder. The first thing that you have got to do is work on your skills to become a better infielder. To be an infielder you need to be a sure-handed player. A ball that can, a guy that can catch the ball on multiple hops to you on line drives or even pop flies. Secondly, you need to be have quickness, and agility. Quickness being able to move to your right or to your left quickly, and the agility to once you get to where the ball is to get into position to catch the ball either fore handed or back handed. But you need to work on your skills by having someone hit or throw you ground balls so that you get very prolific in catching the ball softly with your hands. When ever possible in a palm up this way breaking down with your glove here. As you approach the ball as infielder approach it on your left leg so that when you step across to catch the ball your momentum now is going towards first base when you make your crow hop. So if I were going to approach the ball coming to me in the field I would approach it this way, stop on my right foot, step across, break down and catch the ball, crow hop, and throw over to first base. But to be good at this you are going to have to practice being soft handed, being agile with your hands, being quick and agile from side to side, and being able to judge how quickly the ball, and taking the best route to the ball so you can cut the ball off, and it doesn't get into the outfield. So work on soft hands, on quickness, agility, and then also work on your throwing arm so you can make a sure accurate, get a quick throw to first base. But in short that's how you should become a better infielder.


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