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When longboarding, it is important to keep the board as level as possible in the water to avoid nosediving and flipping over. Stand further back on a longboard to maneuver it better with help from an experienced surfing instructor in this free video on water sports.

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Video Transcript

Hey, how's it going? My name is Joe Vagnerini from Aussie Island Surf Shop in Wilmington, North Carolina. I'm here today to tell you about how to long board. When, as you begin surfing, the best style, the best board to ride is generally a long board or a little bit maybe smaller which is called a fun shape. This one right here is the long board. Basically it's the same concept as regular surfing on a short board except for as you on the, on the board; you're going to want to sit a little bit further back and you're not going to want, the board to be, when you're on it in the ocean you want it to be completely flat. You're not going to want a, the nose of the board to have any lip to it and you're not going to want to go down 'cause you notice nose dive on every wave. The best thing is to stay right in the middle of the board; stay right; stay about, keep your chest about right in the middle and as you're paddling, it's basically the same concept as; just pop up; when you pop up, the placement of your, of your back foot and your front foot varies completely. Some people like to start out and kind of farther up; some people start all the way to back. Basically when you're going to do any kind of turn on a long board, you're going to want your back foot as far back as you possibly get it which allows you to turn the whole board. It's the, it's the, the easiest way to do it. As your foot comes forward, if your back foot is farther up, it can be really hard to turn. You're probably just going to fall over 'cause the board's not going to allow you to turn. So when you turn put your back foot all the way to the back. Now there's many different, different tricks you can do while you're long boarding. Notice right and there's many people rock up to the nose and rock; either hanging five or even hanging ten. But the basic concept of long boarding, it's a lot easier to stand up than a regular short board or any other kind of board in surfing cause it has so much mass in the water and floats so well that it's almost like a raft that you're standing up. It's the best way to get the idea of surfing and learn your best potential 'till you move to a smaller board. That's basically how you long board.


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