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A few common surfing tricks that even an amateur surfer can attempt include the cutback, the floater and the snap. Find out how each of these tricks is executed with help from an experienced surfing instructor in this free video on water sports.

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Hi, how's it goin'? My name's Joe Vagnerini of Aussie-Allen Surf Shop in Wilmington, North Carolina. I'm here to tell you about a few surfing tricks you can try out when you're out surfing. I'm going to tell you three common tricks that you can try on the East coast on more mushy, smaller waves is a cutback, a floater, and a snap. I'm going to start out with a cutback. As you're riding down the face of the wave and you're standing on your board, you're going to get to a point of the wave that's not quite sectioned off, you're going to be able to do what's called a cutback. This is pretty much anything where you're going to rotate your body this way as well as the board, back into the wave to stay in the pocket of the, where the whitewash is breaking down the wave. Pretty much the only thing you have to do with this trick is you get, make sure your, speeds the number one for any trick you do in surfing. You're going to want to have the maximum speed. So as, to get speed, first of all, you're going to be, want to pump up and down the wave and so if the wave is right, the wave is curled right here, you're going to want to use your momentum to go up and down the wave to gain speed within the board. Just so you'll have more of a swivel rotation. Once you get the speed and you come to an unbroken section of the wave, you're going to want to do a what's called a cutback by wrapping your front arm, your leading arm down the wave, back into the wave that's already broken. So you kind of just shift your body. Main thing you're going to want to do with your legs is kind of lean back and kind of just cut with more of just a cutting rotation. Another basic trick when you're out surfing is called a "floater." A floater is when you ride your board on the top of a already broken section of a wave. When you're trying this you're going to want to also get as much speed as possible and as you're pumpin' down the wave, you will see a broken section of the wave and pretty much all you do is you bottom turn, by that I mean you go to the top, the lip of the wave and you go to the top and you kind of stall on the lip where it's just getting ready to break or where it's already broken and you kind of just come back down, so you go on and you come back down. That's basically a floater, and you don't, there's all different kinds. You can pop up on top of 'em and come down, or you can go as easy as just riding over a section of a wave. It's all called the same trick. The next basic trick would be a, called a "snap". A snap is basically just as your having speed down the wave, it's just more of a maneuver to get you through a section of the wave, which all you really do is bottom turn up toward the lip of the wave and snap down. That's to meant, a very common part of surfing and every surfer does that just so they can get speed going on the wave and everything like that, but also looks good. You can, basically the main part of this trick that you're going to want to focus on is keeping your foot on the very back of your board as far as you feel comfortable to and very, really shifting your weight up without leaning too far back 'cause you're just going to fall off the top of the wave, so you're going to want to bottom turn up, and once you see your board going to the top of the lip, you can kind of just snap it back down and you just, you kind of just pivot off the lip. And a lot of the wave will do it for you. It's not, as the waves break, it will kind of push your board back down and that's the basic tricks to surfing.


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