How to Burn Dish Network Cards

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Dish Network cards are burned at the factory to be mated to a specific receiver, which prevents the card from being used with any other receiver. Understand the function of a Dish Network card with helpful information from a certified satellite installer in this free video on satellite TV.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Bill Barney. I'm with Community Dish in Pahrump, Nevada. I'm an SBCA licensed installer, that's Satellite Broadcast Communications Association, and I'd like to help you with your satellite installation. I'm going to talk about burning a smart card to a satellite receiver. The smart cards are pre-burned by the factory and mated to the receiver. This prevents the card from being used in any other receiver other than the one it is mated to. The smart cards are located behind the panel. We've taken the panel off in this case on the left side of the receiver, pushing open the panel door you can remove the card. The smart cards generally have a Dish Network logo on one side with an up arrow. That's the direction that the card has to go into the receiver when we replace the card. On the back side of the car is a little copper contact point. I'm going to try and angle that so you can see it and that copper contact point is what makes contacts with the electronics inside the receiver itself. Inside of these contact points there is an embedded chip that contains personal information about not only the receiver but also about the people that the receiver has been assigned to, in other words your name, your address and a little bit, your account number and who you are. When replacing this card back in the box again make sure the arrow faces into the box, that you see the Dish Network logo facing up, reinsert the card, slide it all the way to the back firmly. It will stop for just a moment. Give it a little extra shove until it stops completely. Again I would like to emphasize that there is no way to burn a Dish Network smart card or to mate it to any other receiver. They are factory assigned. They are burned at the factory. They are mated to the receiver and in fact Dish Network retailers get the receivers and the cards together.


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