How to Determine What Size of Softball Bat to Use

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The proper size of a softball bat is typically determined by holding the bat out at shoulder height for 30 seconds. Find out how softball size largely depends on the size, weight and age of a player with help from a head softball coach and athletic director in this free video on softball bats.

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Hello everybody my name is Mark Schusterman. I'm the head softball coach and athletic director at the Gulliver Schools in Miami Florida. In this series, I'm going to show you how to choose the proper bat. A lot of that depends. Are you a young lady or young man starting out in softball and you're going to get a light bat probably a twenty-eight, twenty-seven inch minus ten or minus eleven. This bat is for a eight to ten year old and it is a minus eleven. So, it gives you a weight of seventeen ounces . Sarah and Brittany who are seniors, Sarah uses that is a thirty -our inch bat minus with a minus nine which makes it a twenty-five ounce bat. Brittany has a thirty-three inch bat with a minus nine which makes it a twenty excuse me a minus ten which makes it a twenty-three ounce bat okay. So, there are different sizes and a lot depends on your weight, your size and your age. One of the test that we use to make sure that we can hold the bat that the weight is proper for us is to extend the bat out as these young ladies will show us and you want to be able to show you want to be able to hold that bat for at least thirty seconds and there's no wavering. You're comfortable with it and that establishes the proper weight you want to use. Another angle is you want to make sure that the technique that when you have a bat you're comfortable swinging it because especially when you're starting out. You want to be able to get the proper technique in hitting so that it's easier to use a bat that is balance with you know your proper physical conditions. So, it's important to get the right bat size when using a bat. Also, when choosing a bat the longer the bat you want to make sure it covers gives you plate coverage. The longer the bat, the more difficult it is to control. A shorter bat gives you more control. This has been Mark Schusterman. Thank you for watching.


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