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In softball, batting starts with an athletic stance in which the bat is held near the shoulders, and the elbow is left in a comfortable position. Learn about balance and loading up to swing a softball bat with help from a head softball coach and athletic director in this free video on softball batting techniques.

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Video Transcript

Hello everybody my name is Mark Schusterman. I'm the head softball coach and athletic director at the Gulliver Schools in Miami Florida. In this clip we're going to give you some tips on softball batting. The first thing we're going to do is we're going to talk about the stance. We want to have a balance stance which is another athletic move okay. We're going to be set up here. The girls have the bat lift a little bit up their shoulders. If you notice, the old talk about your elbow up, we don't have our elbows up. Our elbows are in a comfortable position. Now, what we're going to do we take a short stride step and after we do that you notice we're still balance. Everything is centered. Not that we have our weight back is we're centered. Now, we're going to take that first step. We've taken our step. We're now loaded. We're now going to come to the ball. Take the bat to the ball. See where they're stopping. See how their hands are right in here okay. They are nice. They're in a strong position. Now, what they're going to do is they're going to follow through and they're going to take it up to their shoulders okay. Now, lets get back in our stance. What we want to understand is we have three different approaches to the ball. You can see an outside pitch. You can see an inside pitch and you can see a pitch right down the middle. The ideal on a pitch that's inside we want to hit the ball right off of our front hip. So, lets stride. Now, come to the bat and meet the ball. Follow through. Another part of that. Back in our stance is when we make contact, we want to finish our swing. Here we are stance. Take our little stride and now going to load a little bit and we're going to come through. Make contact. Now ride the bat through okay. See how one of the big keys is to keep the bat on the ball. My name is Mark Schusterman and that you for watching.


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