How to Size Goalie Gloves

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A goalkeeper glove in soccer is typically based on the idea that the lining and protection of the fingers is very important. Learn about using training gloves and game gloves in soccer with help from a professional soccer coach in this free video on soccer goalie gloves.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Michael Stewart. I'm the director of coaching for Miami Premiere Soccer. In this clip we're going to show you how to size a what is called goalkeeper glove. In soccer goalkeeper gloves are typically different from hockey gloves. They're different from any other sports because the lining of the glove and also the protection of the fingers are very important. As kids get older you will notice that the gloves get a little more detailed in what they need to have. In this particular pair of gloves they're what is called finger savers that helps with the kids when the fingers go backwards from the ball hitting them. It also protects the goalkeeper because they have to hit the ground a lot. As you can see with Erica's glove this hand is a little less worn out as compared to this hand and this means that she is doing a lot of work. You can also see with Caitlin's glove this is really banged up but these are the gloves that she uses for practice. Most goalkeepers once they hit the age of 13 and higher should have at least two pairs of gloves. You have your training glove and you also have what's called your game glove. In sizing gloves it is very important that the hand and the growth of the child or the player is taken into consideration as you can see with Erica her hands are pretty much fitting right into the glove but leaving somewhat of spaces right between the fingertips. In addition to that you will see with Caitlin's glove it's the same thing and now hers are in with the finger savers, o'kay a different style of glove and also comes with what's called the protection for the hand. This also supports the wrist because there's lots of pounding, the ball then pushes back, fingers and bending. This flips all the way over the wrist and then coaches and parents it is very important to have your goalkeepers properly put the equipment on and not have their gloves flapping like this because then it won't properly protect them and as you can see again it's very important how snugly fit these gloves are. There is really limited space between here and it is very hard for her to put it on just by dragging it on like a baseball glove. Usually it is put on very well. Go ahead ladies, put your gloves on and you are pulled into place as you can see properly, properly secured then they go to the other hand, pull them on properly and it is very important to have your goal keepers as I said have their gloves pretty secure and you can show them ladies that once we have them well secured, gloves are very important for our hands. Again this is Michel Stewart. Thank you for watching.


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