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When training to shoot in soccer, the most important aspect is learning when and where to strike the ball. Find out how to avoid striking a soccer ball too far under or over the ball with help from a professional soccer coach in this free video on soccer shooting tips.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Michael Stewart I'm the director of coaching for Miami Premier Soccer. In this clip we'll show you some soccer shooting tips. First of all, the important thing about shooting a soccer ball is when to strike the ball and where to strike the ball. You do not want to strike the ball over the ball too far or too far under the ball. When you're striking a ball you should always depend on where you want the ball to go. If you want the ball to be up and into the sides then you're going to lean back on your approach. If you want the ball to be low and driven you're going to get over the ball and strike it, notice my non-kicking leg which is the one that gives direction as to where I want to go. As it comes down, it points to where I want to go, I come over the ball and follow through. It's important to what's called locking the ankle. You don't want a loose ankle just hitting the ball. You want to lock your ankle, follow through on the strike. And here we go, come through non-kicking, strike. That's a very good way of striking a soccer ball. Let me have another ball ladies. Another one is coming to the ball if I want the ball to get up in the air, you see my goalkeeper has to make an adjustment I come to my approach instead of being over the ball like the first shot I am going to go behind and pull back so the ball goes up. In this clip you're going to see the young ladies do different types of shooting, play the balls to me and I'm going to be playing with them. This is also good when you do warm up drills and you progress from doing individual work to teamwork. Here we go, CC lean back, got the ball over. Sara a beautiful follow through and follow through by Ashley, well done ladies. Here you go, well done Nikki, she picked her spot. Leana, good. Now if you notice they have picked sides of where they're shooting. We have the cones that are shooting in the areas, pointing to the areas where we want them to shoot. Those areas are very difficult for goalkeepers to save. If you put the balls into the corners of the goal it's very difficult. Alright, here we go again ladies and lets go through a few quickly. And we strike the ball very well, coming through well done ladies. This has been Michael Stewart, thank you.


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