How to Use Yoga Blocks

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Yoga blocks help people with stability, and shoe boxes are a simple solution for those who don't have yoga blocks. Find out how to use yoga blocks when doing a triangle pose with help from a certified personal fitness trainer in this free video on using yoga blocks.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Tanya Batts and I'm a personal trainer with Gold's Gym. I want to talk to you about how to use yoga blocks. So, if you just don't have a yoga blocks around, feel free to grab a shoe box out of your closet; just whatever you've got. Yoga blocks are for people who really have not achieved that flexibility that they're really looking for, but the block is going to help out with their stability. I'm going to start with a simple forward bolt. So, I'm going to do it by the side. I got my yoga block right here. All I'm going to do is when people fall forward, usually when you start yoga, you've got those tight hamstrings. This might be as far as you can go, but it just gives them a little comfort knowing, hey there's something they can have their fingertips on. When they get a little more flexible, turn the box and their going a little bit lower until they don't even need the block at all. Alright, so another thing is a triangle pose which a great pose but it takes incredible flexibility to reach the floor. Legs are wide like a triangle, got my block in my hand; inhale, exhale, revolve. So, I've got that block right in front of that foot. So, that's a great way just to hold your poses, but you've got for people who are just kind of not flexible, kind of nervous, it's kind of nice to have their hand on something and when they get a little more flexible, they can move the block and be able to touch the floor or maybe touch the ankle. But that's just a great way for somebody who's just starting out in yoga; just doesn't have that flexibility factor. Get your yoga block or a shoe box or whatever you got around the house and you're going to be doing great in yoga in no time.


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