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Camping tents are typically made out of lightweight nylon and aluminum poles, and it's important to remember to get a tent that is big enough to hold the designated amount of campers. Find out why good camping tips should be lightweight and easy to dry with help from a recreational kayaking instructor and outdoor adventurer in this free video on camping tents.

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Video Transcript

Whens selecting a camping tent, one of the things that you want to consider is how large of a family do you got. If you have a large family and you all want to be in the same structure, you're going to need a large camping tent. If you prefer to have; you know; the kids in one tent, you and your wife in another tent, then, then you might want two smaller tents. But traditionally the large camp style tents, those are well suited for camp; car camping type excursions. The other smaller tents are well suited for car camping and maybe some, some carry camping or you have to carry the stuff to, to a campsite a little bit. Generally, the materials are lightweight nylons; usually aluminum type poles. The heavy canvass tents, the steel tents; those are kind of out of favor these days. They don't really belong around as much as they used to. The materials have got into much better and have got into lighter weight; easy to use; easier to dry and more durable. So a large camp style tent, you might be able to stand up in it; you might have several rooms within, inside of it. You might even have a screened area in front to keep the bugs away. So do some research; go to some of the websites and look and see what the experts are recommending in terms of size tents for your size family unit and invest wisely. Don't buy something inexpensive. You can be really foolish just to; you know; go to one of the cheap outlet stores and get something cheap and that first range storm, because the way that it's constructed, all the water pools up inside and pretty soon it just collapse on you at 2:30 in the morning. Nobody's happy. So invest wisely and choose something that's going to, to meet your needs now and down the road. Another thing to consider is some tents are too walled; that's a good investment. It's a, it's a; so you have a rain fly as well as an internal wall. There's tend to be a little bit more money; but they tend to work a whole lot better. So just like anything, do your work and check out and see what's available. There's some really great designs out there. Thanks very much and happy camping.


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