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When changing out the litter box every week or two, dump out all of the contents from the box, spray down the box with a natural enzyme cleaner, allow the box to dry, and pour in about two inches of fresh litter. Completely change out the litter box with help from a professional pet behavior consultant in this free video on cats as pets.

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How to change a litter box. So even though you have been scooping your litter box daily to make sure that you remove any solid wastes and put those in the garbage can, it's still important to change the entire box to make sure that you have fresh litter in there. This is true whether you have a clumping litter or a litter that needs to be changed regularly anyway. So every week or two weeks you should be changing the entire litter box. So you want to get yourself a garbage can and this is actually a little easier to do with a scoop. You want to be removing all of the litter and you'll find that there are probably some areas that you were missing when you were scooping, that some wet residue had been left behind so this gives you a chance to clean out the entire box because there will be things in there that your cat can smell that you can't necessarily smell and this will prevent your cat from having accidents outside the box if you keep this a nice hospitable environment and then you want to use something in there like an enzyme cleaner. This is Nature's Miracle. It's a product that is a natural enzyme that just eats up the smells that are left behind and then you can take some paper towels and sometimes I just let this soak for a little bit. I'm going to add a little bit more here to cover the bottom of the container. You don't want to dilute an enzyme cleaner. You want to use it at its full strength and again if you'd like you can let that sit for a little while so it has a chance to soak up and loosen up some of the residue that's been left on the bottom and then you're just going to take that and you're going to use it to clean the sides of the box. Again you just want to leave this nice and clean for your cat so they find it a fresh bathroom just like your own and while we're talking about litter boxes and cleaning this out here it's important to mention that you want to put your litter box in a place that seems comfortable for your cat so that doesn't mean in the wash room right next to the washing machine because that can be noisy and uncomfortable for your cat and not feel like a safe space for them to go and use the bathroom. So providing a safe space for them where they can enter and exit the litter box without feeling like they are going to be cornered by any of the other cats in the household and where it's not going to be a noisy and scary experience for them and again if we let this soak a little bit longer we might be able to remove those last little bits but just to show you how this works. You want to dry it out completely so that none of your new litter that you're placing in there sticks to the bottom and you have a few different choices of litters. Most people these days use some type of clumping litter. I use a pine clumping litter. There is also clay clumping litter and a couple other kinds so you can either scoop your litter in or if you have a nice small bag here you can just pour the litter in and when you're adding litter to a fresh box you want to make sure that you're only putting in about two inches because you don't want your cat to feel like they're sinking in to their bathroom area but you do want them to have enough that they can dig up and cover up their area without scraping the bottom too much. The other thing I would avoid is liners. Cats don't tend to like the plastic liners although it's convenient for us to clean out the box by just removing an entire liner just like a garbage bag. If a cat snags their nails on there they might feel uncomfortable and again you don't want to give them any reason not to use the litter box. So I have created a nice clean surface here for my cat and I have put it in a safe space where they feel comfortable using it and that's how you clean a litter box.


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