How to Clean Cat Litter Boxes

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A cat's litter box should be cleaned once a day using a slatted litter scoop. Sprinkle fresh litter on top after every cleaning with help from a professional pet behavior consultant in this free video on cats as pets.

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Video Transcript

How to clean cat litter boxes. So first you are going to want to take a scoop, and most scoops that you find in the store have slots that the clean litter can fall through. This allows you to scoop up the solid waste, and sift out the clean litter leaving it behind for future use. And then you want to dump that into the garbage. If you have a clumping litter it is also very easy for you to scoop up any of the urine that your cat's deposited, because it clumps up into a nice small lump like this. Again that can go into the garbage, and you just want to sift through the litter box like that making sure to pick up any clumps that your cat has left behind. Once you are done I like to just even out the surface for my cat, leave my scoop outside here, and then I will take some more fresh clumping litter, and I use the type of litter that is actually made out of pine. And this clumps just like a clay litter will, but I find it has a nice natural fresh smell. Cats don't tend to like perfume so I like to go with something more of a natural smell or just an unscented litter if you are using a clay clumping litter. So again I am going to sprinkle some fresh litter on top. Makes a nice clean surface for my cat. If you have multiple cats I would scoop your litter box more than one time a day if you just have one cat at least once a day should be sufficient. And that will just remove the waste that is in there. And you want to be cleaning the entire box, and that would be wiping it out, and cleaning it with something like an enzyme cleaner. And this will remove all the smells things that we can't even smell if we were to use commercial cleaners. They might leave behind a fresh scent for us, but those commercial cleaners like any of the pine cleaners or some of the stronger lysols might leave something behind that your cat finds offensive, and they won't want to use the litter box in the future. An enzyme cleaner will just eat up all the smells that were in there, and leave that nice and clean for your cat. Again if you have more than one cat you want to check it frequently using the scooper at least once a day even if you have one cat. Leaving your litter box nice and clean for future use. And cleaning the litter box completely dumping all the litter out, and washing out the box, refilling it with clean litter at least once every week or two weeks just to be safe.


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