How to Replace Fishing Line

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In order to replace fishing line on a reel, make sure to get it through all of the guides on the rod, and remember that the first couple hundred feet are the most important. Learn about keeping tension on the line when putting in on the reel with help from a fishing trainer in this free video on replacing fishing line.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Mark the Shark with On this clip I'm going to show you how to replace fishing line on a reel. This is what we do, we make sure we get into the end, the guides, one, make sure you get all the guides in there not to miss any guides, one, two, three, four, come down here, get another one, another one. It's a good idea if you put the rod in the rod holder to keep your two free hands ready to go and you have got the last guide coming up here, one more and you come down to the spool. We have an empty spool right here as you can see because we are replacing the line and putting new line on this reel. We're going through here, going over twice, you want to go in there twice so it becomes snug on the spool itself, okay. Come back again here and we'll make our little knot here, one, two, three, four, five, come back over here, go through here, go through here, come tight on this baby, come all the way tight, pull it tight so it's snug up against the reel right there and then we'll cut off the excess here so we'll have no tag ends, okay. Now we make sure that we get the first couple of feet is very important on the reel. You want to make sure it goes on the spool very even. As you can see it going on the spool right now very even side to side. You want to go from one side to the other. The first couple hundred feet are the most important, there we go and now we have got the spool in a bucket of ice. The ice keeps it secure in the bucket and keeps it well lubricated and now we just reel, keeping tension on the line, keep tension on the line the whole time so it goes on nice and tight on the spool and now we go, just keep going until you get all the way full to the top, nice even side to side. You want to go side to side very slowly like it comes off the spool, exactly. You don't want to go back and forth really fast like that. You want to go nice and easy back and forth and that's how you replace the fishing line. I'm Mark the Shark. Thank you for watching.


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