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In order to cast a spinning reel, open the bale up, hold the rod with the right hand and the line with the index finger, leave a bit of line out, and then simply throw the line out. Discover how a spinning reel helps to prevent tangles with help from a fishing trainer in this free video on using a spinning reel.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Mark the Shark with In this clip I'm going to show you how to use a spinning reel. This is your normal spinning reel, this is a 15 pound outfit, rather big spinning reel. As you can see, it's equipped with a bale. And this is how you cast it. You open the bale up, okay, you hold the rod with your right hand, and you hold the line with your little index finger, okay, leaving a little bit of line out, so you can cast it up if you wanted to do that. Let me try this again for you, right there. Open the bale, you've got your finger on here, okay, and you just throw it out. A spinning reel is really, really a good outfit because it enables you to bring the line in without tangling up the line. It's pretty much automatic; and we're bringing the line in right now and it packs on the reel itself all evenly, and it's pretty easy to use. Even a, even a novice can use it very easily. Some other things to know about spinning reels are, one, you have a over-sized handle, what makes it a little more leverage on the reel, and now you have your drag, your drag settings here, it's usually on top of the reel. You adjust it, for more tension you go clockwise, for less tension, go counterclockwise, okay, and that's how you adjust the tension on the drag so you won't pop your line. And then you'll have your ball-bearing bale right here, okay, now you want to make sure you don't get a tangle up here, so you want to keep a tension on your line, on your spool. Spinning rods are great when it comes to no tangles, the bale keeps the line tight just like this. And it's pretty much self-explanatory, the bale opens up, and you cast it out. Over here we have a free spool level, which enables the reel to go into a free spooled method. Put up the bale and close just like this and you can reel. Make sure you have enough tension on the line, so the line goes on properly and tight on the spool. This is Mark the Shark, thank you for watching.


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