How to Choose an Exercise Ball

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There are two main types of exercise balls, including traditional round balls and oval-shaped balls that are intended to be used by people who have trouble balancing. Discover why a round exercise ball is great for improving posture with help from a professional personal trainer in this free video on exercise balls.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dave Dubail with Dubail Fitness Institute in Miami, Florida. In this clip I'm going to show you how to choose an exercise ball. There's two main exercise balls. One is traditional round ball. It's been pretty much every gym and everybody uses, and there's the other ball that's more oval or peanut-shaped that seems to work well with people that have little less balance and are more comfortable on this and I'll show you the difference why we like both and why we have both here. Round ball is great; you can do a lot of, a lot of exercises off it. We also have, usually have to have pretty good balance. A lot of times people get wobbly and fall off. Well you can do pretty much every exercise; it's great for work in the posture 'cause you got to keep your chest up, lower back locked; you can do bicep; basic cross; shoulder presses; lateral raises. Just like a regular chair and a lot of reasons why we like to put people on this to do this exercises is 'cause it forces them to correct their posture 'cause a lot of times at work people are always bent over. So get some back, using the rhomboids and using the shoulders; you use shoulders; you can do triceps. So really with a good pair of dumbbells and an exercise ball, you can get a complete workout. We have many people who buy this and use this at their house. Now this is a little more limitating, but you can do tons of stuff. For example, a lot of times people have trouble on the round ball losing their balance; this is much more steady, much wider. So if you deal with balance problem or for older clients sometimes we have that have balance problem, this is a great ball. We like to do a lot of abdominal work on this one where we open up the ab and get people to do that. We can also use it for a lot of the shoulder and tricep; same things. Now where this gets a little, little, little limited is if we're trying to do chest press. If you're a smaller frame, you know, female; it will limit your range. So those are the two big differences between the two main exercise balls. Once again, this is Dave Dubail; thanks for watching.


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