How to Litter Train an Older Puppy

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Litter training, also known as paper training, an older puppy can be beneficial if the dog is indoors for the majority of the day. Train a dog to eliminate only on a designated papered spot in the house with help from a certified dog trainer in this free video on canine behavior.

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Video Transcript

Hi my name is Dee Hoult with the Applause Your Paws in Miami, Florida. In this clip I am going to show you how to litter train an older puppy. This is Sammy, and she is eleven months old. With dogs and training we typically don't litter train, although there are some breeds like Cavanese that can be trained to use litter. But typically what we do is we paper train dogs, and it is the same concept. So I am going to show you today with some paper towels, and how we would begin to train a dog to prefer that area over say another area. Now the best place to do it is somewhere in your house preferably where there is tile so in case you have an accident it is a little bit easier to clean up. But what all you will need is some paper towels or even some newspapers, and you want to put them in an area that is not too close to the food, because dogs naturally want to be able to move away from their food when they eliminate. So we just want to place them in an area that is big enough for her to squat. And what is important during litter training, and paper training as well is that should your dog have an accident you want to be able to have some good products on hand that are especially designed as stain and odor removers. Now I love Nature's Miracle, this is a great product so that you can thoroughly clean an area in case there is an accident that is not on the appropriate area so the dog is not inclined to go back to that wrong area again. Things like bleach won't work, because the dogs will smell the bleach plus their mistake. So you want to make sure that again you get an appropriate product that is used specifically to clean up after pets. So what we want to do is in fact first we need to create a bigger area of paper towels we can do that, and slowly as time goes on we may be able to move down to just a couple of maybe one wee pad or one paper towel. Another important thing to keep in mind when we are litter training or paper training a puppy or an older puppy is that we want to definitely control the amount of food that they take in, as well as the amount of water. Because what goes in is eventually going to come out. So if we can get them on a regular schedule for feeding, and watering it will be much easier to control the paper training process. Again this is Dee from Miami, and Applause Your Paws. Thanks for watching.


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