How to Train a Dog to Weight Pull

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The trick to training a dog to pull a weight is to praise very small increments of the desired behavior. Tie a rope to a dog's harness, attach a light weight at the end of it, and treat the dog when he pulls even a very small amount with help from a certified dog trainer in this free video on canine behavior.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Dee Hoult with Applause Your Paws in Miami, Florida. In this clip I'm going to teach you how to train you dog to weight pull or pull a weight. I'm using some everyday household objects I didn't go out and buy anything I've just got a rope here from my garage as well as some cat litter that I had in the my car, my cat litter back there. Now my dog Oxford is not trained to pull a weight so we're going to demonstrate with him right now and what I've done is I've created a harness and I'll move Oxford here so you can see him better. Out of this rope I've secured it around his chest which is a very strong part of the dog and his tummy just to stabilize it and I rigged the pulling part so that its on top of him. Where he can harness all of his strength to pull forward. Now again its important that use a harness when teaching your dog to pull because you would never want to attach anything to a buckle collar that could accidentally cut off the air pipe there for your dogs. We want to make sure that hes safe and happy all times. So I'm going to go ahead and tie my makeshift harness here. Now this maybe something fun that you can do with your dog teach them maybe to pull a little wagon or a little cart. So what I'm going to do just like training any trick is anytime that Oxford is feeling good. Good boy! I'm going to praise him with verbal praise maybe some pets and give him a treat. So what we're going to do now is I'm not going to ask him to yank forward on it right away, I'm actually just going to ask him to feel the sensation of that tension. Good boy and I'm going to reward him for just slightly tugging on that rope and then gradually and again we want to start with a light enough weight thats OK for our dog. I'm just going to move forward. Come on Buddy, good boy and if he can even pull it just a little bit hes going to get a lot of praise and some yummy treats before I encourage him to come all the way forward. Come on boy pull it, good boy, yes good boy and again not too far, not too fast. In training trick or any behavior we want to make sure that we're encouraging him to feel good about what he's doing and that he's doing exactly what we want. You can first start with a stationary object like this sometimes things that have wheels could be a little intimidating to a dog so I would suggest starting with something simple. Again my name is Dee from Miami and Applause Your Paws. Thanks for watching.


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