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The supplies needed to apply theatrical makeup includes sponges, brushes, disposable mascara wands and disposable lipstick applicators. Be prepared to apply makeup on several people in a day with helpful information from a professional makeup artist in this free video on stage makeup.

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Hello, my name is Keegan Hitchcock from Body Art by Keegan and we're here in Fort Lauderdale at One Model Place Studios. Let's talk about theatrical makeup supplies. The first thing you're going to need is sponges. Your sponges you're going to use to apply your foundation and your base colors for all your actors. The sponges are relatively cheap, you can buy them in bags, you can get them at your beauty supply store, you can get them at drug stores, costume shops. And that's really you know, you can't really do any makeup without a sponge. So, use your sponge first, definitely get sponges. After that you're going to need the brushes. Brushes you're going to want a variety of synthetic brushes, natural brushes, you're going to want some that are for the cream based makeup, and some that are for your dry eye shadows and things like that. The brushes you can also find at your beauty store, you can find at the drugstore. The higher the price range the better they're going to be but you can, you can use drugstore brushes and still get a really nice effect with that. You're going to need mascara and you're going to want disposable wands. Disposable wands you get at a beauty supply store, about two ninety nine for a package. You want to use a different one on every actor. You don't want to contaminate anything. Same with the lips, you can get a disposable brush or you can clean your brushes in between with alcohol. Definitely want to really focus on being clean when you're doing multiple actors in a day. You're going to need the mascara to put on with those brushes. Going to need color set powder or translucent powder. That's going to be, you know when you put on your foundation you're going to set it with the powder. You want to you know, it's going to get rid of your shine, it's going to set the makeup. So you're going to want white powder which doesn't show up white. It looks white, it's a translucent. You're going to want a yellow as well because sometimes certain skin tones, if you put that translucent powder, it's going to give them a kind of dryer ashy look, you're going to use the yellow powders on those skin tones. It's also translucent but it has a slight yellow tinge to it just to kind of bring the life back in to their face.


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