Stage Makeup for Fortune Tellers

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Stage makeup for a fortune teller character should have dark exotic eyes, a pronounced lip and even a mole or two on the face. Apply makeup for a character role with a demonstration from a professional makeup artist in this free video on stage makeup.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Keegan Hitchcock from Body Art By Keegan and we're here in Fort Lauderdale at One Model Place Studios. In this clip, I'm going to show you how to do stage makeup for a fortune teller. Our model here has this side done already turn your face please. So, we're going to do the other side to match and turn towards me. First, thing we're going to give her is those intense exotic eyes. We're going to do shadow and a little bit of a mixture of a blueish green. We're going to kind of do almost a cat eye type of a look. Close your eyes please. So, we're going to start in the corner and go all the way half way up the lid and extend outward a little bit pass the eye. Cover that. Fill it in here. I'm going to take a little more of the green. Put it right in the center. Make sure it matches the other side and we will be ready for the liner. We're going to use a black liner again to give her that intense look. Close please going to make it defined and intense a little bit thicker than you would for maybe just a regular character to really draw your attention to her eyes and again we're drawing this out even further than her natural eye. Please turn towards this. Okay, turn back to me. Alright, we're going to do cheeks next. She is a character on the stage, so we're going to do her cheeks a little more intense than you would for everyday. We're going to give her right here on the cheek bones an extending out again for that exotic kind of a look here. Alright, next we're going to do her lips and make them really red. We're going to take our liner first and that will be defined her lips as well as help to keep the color on there longer. So, we're going to line, fill in the bottom lip and line and fill in the top and then we're going to blend that together with our actual lip color after that just to give her more of a fantastical look like she looks more like a fortune teller than just a pretty lady and give her a nice little beauty mark with our black liner here. So, we got our intense eyes. We got some pretty blush on her. We got her red lips and she all ready to go. Thank you for watching. This is Keegan Hitchcock.


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