How to Cover a Tattoo With Makeup

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When covering a tattoo using makeup, start by concealing the darkest areas using a very light high-pigmented makeup, and then blend it in using a foundation that matches the skin tone. Completely cover up a tattoo with help from an experienced special effects makeup artist in this free video on stage makeup.

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Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Keegan Hitchcock from Body Art By Keegan and we're here from Fort Lauderdale at One Model Place Studios. In this clip, I'm going to show you how to conceal a tattoo with makeup. We're going to start with a lighter color than my natural skin tone to cover it up and then we're going to use a color that's pretty close to my skin tone to blend it all in once we're done with that. So, I'm going to start with a very high pigmented concealer. Tattoos are very dark that's why we're using a lighter color than my color. So, we're going to kind of tap that in there in all the darkest spots. If you were doing a tattoo that was more lines, you would focus mostly on the dark spots. You wouldn't cover the whole area and with that you will tap it in with your finger. I'm just going to cover all the darkest spots here because my skin tone the foundation we use for that is going to cover everything else just using the lighter here to cover the darkest parts. I'm going to make sure that nice and even coverage. This is a large tattoo so we're not going to cover the whole thing. Tap the in there. Make use it's nice and even. You could even if you want to if you don't have a lot of brushes, you can use your finger same thing. Tap in. You can use a sponge as well. Alright, so we got that pretty well covered. Now, we're going to find the skin tone that matches my own and go over with that. I'm using just a regular foundation stick now and when you're using the color that matches your skin, you want to go outside of the tattoo. Blend it into the skin so you don't see a harsh line where the regular skin is and the makeup cover skin is. Alright, one last little coverage with the foundation and we're going to finish that all up with a little power to set it. Get our translucent power and dab it all in. Brush it all the way and that's how you cover a tattoo. This is Keegan Hitchcock. Thank you for watching.


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