Exercises That Can Flatten Your Stomach

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Exercises that help to flatten the stomach include rocking the knees in and out on a bench and the bicycle exercise. Learn about doing a basic crunch to flatten the abdominal muscles with help from a personal trainer in this free video on getting a flatter stomach.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Stephen Smith, owner of Viva Fitness in Atlanta, Georgia. I work at Urban Body Fitness also located in Atlanta, Georgia. Now I'm going to show you some exercises to help flatten your abs. Starting with a higher intensity one you start back here, grab the back of a declining bench, extend the legs out, rock the knees in and out, pull the waist down as you come, pull the knees in. Remember you are rolling down the spine. If that's too tricky you can go to a bicycle. A bicycle is a great exercise for working the external obliques and the abs. Lying back, twisting the torso, letting the shoulders come across the midline of the body, alright. There is also the basic crunch where you can have your hands roll to the front. You can have your hands out to the side or you can simply reach out for your ankle. Remember you are rolling your shoulders forward, not pulling your head or neck. You can also do abs on a stability ball. The key thing with the stability ball is to keep the ball stable. You don't want the ball rocking back and forth. Get the lower back into the ball again fingers lightly touching by the head, ears or forehead. You can cross the chest, that's going to be a little less intensity, contracting up top and holding the move for a second, that's going to be a little bit more intense, alright. If you don't have a ball you can have, I use this BOSU, the BOSU, you can do the same position on the ball or you can put the feet up on the wall on the BOSU, coming up, you can cross it over. Remember doing ab exercises are slow and controlled motions, exhale as you contract down, inhale as you relax, remember slow and controlled keeping the rib cage down, abs in, hips rolled under. These are all great points to help you flatten your abs. Although there are a variety of exercises that you can do to help flatten your abs, other key things you want to keep in mind is diet and cardio, you are what you eat so if you have a high fat, high sugar diet chances are you are going to have a hard chance getting flat abs so a variety of exercises, diet and cardiovascular exercises all key ways to achieve a flat ab.


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